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Asintik contributes to optimising business performance in an inspiring way. We create synergy between all the components in the chain by guiding a multidisciplinary team of employees from your organisation (perhaps also including external specialists). This creates an utmost and integral process of innovation and engineering that culminates in supply chain management and marketing.

With optimal synchronization of the chain, you can save on time and costs. Asintik provides you with the added value inherent in disciplines such as chain management, architecture and quantitative analysis to enable you to significantly improve your business performance in both the short and long term. We accomplish this by giving you an integral insight into how your products or business components could perform better by – for example – optimising the development process of new products, the production of all components, or the supply chain and marketing approach.
Different terminology is used these days to denote this area of expertise: smart customisation, transition from ETO to CTO, modular development, (system) architecture etc. It is important to recognize this is not an engineering development. It is a strategic choice that involves and requires cooperation of all departments.
The nine employees of Asintik look forward to working on this subject together with you.
Jeroen Vos
Founder of Asintik

The added value of Asintik

Thanks to the development of concrete, figure-based insights into these process components, organisations can make better decisions. A foundation for good decisions is always based on a precise quantitative insight into the risks, alternatives and results of the various options. Qualitative factors can also play a role. Take for example the issue of securing the intellectual property of your products. The combination of qualitative and quantitative insights creates a total vision of your options and results (what is known as scenarios).

 Asintik will use its inspiring approach to guide teams that comprise of:
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Chain Management: further than LEAN

Asintik goes beyond LEAN. While LEAN focuses only on preventing waste of money or time, chain management encompasses a wider scope. Asintik operates at the hub of technique, business and the market. We support the development and marketing of new products. This means that we not only look at what the market wants, but also at what your organisation can offer it. In that way, we make solid and quantitative determinations of what the organisation can do, how it can best serve the market and how it can use these tools to achieve the best possible business performance. In addition to marketing objectives, important indicators are responsiveness, obsoleteness and diversity in the chain. This is how an integral process of optimisation is created.

Architecture: a focus on scenarios

Scenario analysis is based on practical situations. That way Asintik also provides real, specific and objective arguments and guidance to obtain an insight into alternatives and consequences. Make sure that the process is organised in the best way possible, engage your professionals in the development of the right chains and consequently, enhance your business performance. Asintik contributes to the realisation of optimal profits in the short term - and certainly in the long term – and to minimising the risk of missed opportunities and strategic failures. Proper architecture can offer you returns now and in the future.


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