Asintik improves your business performance in an integral and inspiring way

What can Asintik do for you?

Asintik geeft inspirerend leiding aan een multidisciplinair team bij de ontwikkeling van een optimaal product. This is usually done using the chain management and architecture method. In doing so, the various scenarios are identified and analyzed quantitatively if necessary.

This allows innovation pathways, product development and supply chain capabilities to be properly aligned with the rest of the chain. With the right knowledge of the alternatives and their combinations, the right decisions can be made that contribute significantly to business performance.

Asintik’s added value:

  • Integral focus based on experience and expertise;
  • Work more efficiently and effectively: more certainty of final profit;
  • The multidisciplinary process makes maximum use of the specialist knowledge of your staff;
  • Innovative ability: Asintik’s directing role allows it to think outside the usual box.

Who is Asintik for?

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Asintik B.V.
Asintik contributes to the optimization of business performance in an inspiring way. We create synergy between all parts of the chain by leading a multidisciplinary team of employees from your organization and any external specialists. This creates an optimal integral process from innovation and engineering to supply chain management and marketing.
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