About Asintik

Asintik creates synergy between all the components of the chain by providing specific and inspiring guidance to a multidisciplinary team. This promotes an optimal and integral process of innovation and engineering in the supply chain management and marketing. The added value is translated into significant improvement of the business performance.

The practical results of the mission statement of Asintik are:

1: Brand and image as the foundation
Asintik focuses on the brand and image of the client. The determining factor is that the client optimises the architecture of its chain based on the correct qualities and competing capabilities.

2: Big ambitions on the part of the Asintik people
Asintik aims at superior performance of projects. The motivation to perform, the ambition to generate optimum insight and the capacity to provide inspiring guidance to a multidisciplinary team are the factors that play a large role in the collaboration. Flexible service and result-oriented methodology are inextricably connected to each cooperation framework.

3: Top technological knowledge level
Thanks to its wide network of specialists, Asintik focuses continuously on technological innovations within chain management, architecture and supply chain management. This knowledge is converted into practical tools for improving processes.

4: Innovation of its own method
Based on current know-how, Asintik intensifies its service provision: there are no fixed formulas in its services. Beyond harmonising the processes to the situation of the client, Asintik always focuses on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its own methodology: a continuous improvement of its own processes.


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