Asintik creates synergy between all parts of the chain by inspiring and substantively leading a multidisciplinary team. This creates an optimal integral process from innovation and engineering to supply chain management and marketing. The added value is a significant improvement in business performance.

The practical results of Asintik’s mission statement are:

1: Brand and image as a foundation
Asintik pays attention to the client’s brand and image. The determining factor is that the company optimizes the architecture of the chain based on the right qualities and competitiveness.

2: Great ambition of Asintik’s employees
Asintik goes for superior performance of projects. Motivation to perform, the ambition to generate optimal insight, and the ability to provide inspiring leadership to a multidisciplinary team are factors that play a major role within the collaboration. A flexible service and result-oriented working method are inseparable from any cooperation.

3: High technological knowledge level
Thanks to an extensive network of specialists, Asintik has a continuous focus on technological innovations within chain direction, architecture and supply chain management. This knowledge is converted into practical tools to improve processes.

4: Innovation of own method
Asintik sharpens services based on current knowledge: there are no fixed processes within services. Apart from matching the process to the client’s situation, Asintik always has a focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its own methodology: continuous improvement of its own processes.