Asintik has bundled its services into a number of separate propositions. Each proposition is tailored to a particular issue. Underlying this are the competencies present within Asintik assigned to the propositions.

The propositions are:

  • Smart Customization
    This proposition includes everything for a Configure to Order setup (CTO) of an innovation and supply chain. Instead of engineering your product for each customer, configure-to-order allows you to offer customized solutions while giving the supply chain more peace of mind and maximizing economies of scale.
    CTO thus delivers lower costs, better quality and more peace of mind in the business.
  • Chain calculations
    Especially with complex value chains, it is important to calculate the design through. Then the best scenario can be implemented. Many surprises can be hidden in a value chain: long lead times over short distances or just high import tariffs for specific components. By calculating this properly, the right choices can be substantiated in the product structure and in the supply chain structure.
  • Asintik Academy
    The online versions of our courses for professionals and students. The number of training sessions is steadily increasing.