Chain management for the marketeer

Working on a realistic future with the requirement of your potential client as your guiding line. That is the core business of a marketer. With chain management and architecture Asintik contributes to better business performance thanks to its optimal marketing of new and existing products. Asintik achieves this by supporting innovation tracks and by developing implementation tracks for project innovations.

Asintik not only looks at what the market wants, but also at what your organisation can offer it. This is important because this way we can make solid and quantitative determinations of what the organisation can do, how it can best serve the market, and how it can achieve the best possible business performance. Scenario analysis enables us to obtain a quantitative and therefore measurable insight into the possibilities for developing products and marketing them.

Combining knowledge of technique, market and business creates a good basis for a market approach and at the same time provides a preview of the project results in terms of business performance.

The added value of Asintik:

  • The possibilities of the product and the process are mapped out;
  • That shows you new market possibilities that are suitable for your company;
  • You get more freedom to offer customisation to various market segments – freedom with regard to aspects that are crucial to you and to your clients;
  • The possibilities for cost saving and other improvements are formulated;
  • Alternatives and risks are clearly illustrated.

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