Chain management for the marketer

Getting started with a realistic future using your potential customer’s demand as a guide. That is the core business of the marketer. Asintik contributes with chain direction and architecture to a better business performance thanks to optimal marketing of (new) products. Asintik does this by supporting innovation projects and developing implementation paths for product innovations.

Asintik looks (with you) not only at what the market wants, but also what your company can offer the market. This is important because it provides quantitative and concrete insight into what the organization can do and how it optimally serves the market with an optimal business performance. Scenario analysis provides a quantitative (and therefore measurable) understanding of opportunities for product development and marketing.

By linking knowledge of technology, market and business, a good basis is created for a market approach where there is already insight into the results of the project for business performance.

Asintik’s added value:

  • The possibilities of the product and the business process are mapped
  • This reveals new market opportunities that can be filled in well by your company
  • You get more freedom to serve different market segments in a customized way, freedom on the aspects that are crucial for you and your customers
  • The possibilities for cost savings can be formulated
  • Alternatives and risks are clearly identified

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